Monday, April 10, 2017

Introducing Miranda: Why You Want Miranda

In preparation for a talk I'm giving at DOSUG I'm going to post my thoughts as they develop.

I have gone over a lot of topics concerning Miranda including:

  • The motivation for creating it
    • We want 9 9s of reliability
    • But we don't want to pay for it
    • Prospero gives us between 5 and 6 9s of reliablity but has problems
    • Miranda was created to address those problems
  • How it works
    • Admins create a local certificate authority
    • Admins create users
    • Users create Topics and Events
    • Users create Subscriptions
    • Miranda delivers Events to users
  • Why it wont crash
    • Miranda is distributed and fault-tolerant
    • Each subsystem runs in its own thread
    • Threads catch Exception
    • Miranda uses panics instead of System.exit
  • Why it's secure
    • Opensource
    • Miranda uses SSL/TLS for all communication
    • Miranda encrypts all files
    • Miranda asks for a password at startup
The conclusion is to use Miranda when your in the "we want 9 9s of reliability" situation.

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