Monday, April 3, 2017

Introducing Miranda: Topics

In preparation for a talk I'm giving at DOSUG I'm going to post my thoughts as they develop.

Topics are endpoints that users send POST/PUT/DELETEs to.  They each have the name that they are created with and a UUID to identify them.

Other users can subscribe to a Topic to get the messages sent to it.

Topics can have attributes that control how messages are managed including

  • Whether a response is sent when an Event is received or when it is written to persistent store.
  • Whether the topic waits for the other members of the cluster to receive/acknowledge/write an Event.
Topics are created by users with that ability from the website or via the API.

The owner of a topic can modify it.

To delete a topic the owner of the topic must request removal through the web site or the API.  The Topic must have no subscribers.

The admin user can delete a topic with subscribers.  In that case, the subscriptions are also removed.

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