Monday, April 10, 2017

Introducing Miranda: Why Miranda is Secure

In preparation for a talk I'm giving at DOSUG I'm going to post my thoughts as they develop.

At some point, people will need a reason to trust Miranda, this post gives that reason.

Miranda should be trusted because it is open source, because it uses HTTPS/TLS for communications, and because it encrypts its files.

Open source is more trustworthy than closed source because you can see the code that is performing the operations.  Users can build the system themselves and see that there is no malicious code.

Miranda uses SSL/TLS to communicate with other nodes.  That way, an attacker cannot see what is going between nodes.  Miranda also uses SSL/TLS when clients send new Events to the system, so attackers cannot see Events sent to the system.

Miranda encrypts all its files, so if an attacker gets a hold of one, it wont do them any good.

Finally, Miranda has the capability to ask for a passpharse at startup, so users don't have to store any secure information in files.

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