Saturday, May 6, 2017

2 Phase Commits

Events and Deliveries  are controlled by remote policies, but creates/updates and deletes of User, Topics and Subscriptions go through a 2 phase commit.

The node that initiated the operation takes on the role of coordinator

During phase 1, nodes agree that a write is OK and prepare to go through with the operation (commit) or abort the operation.  If any node signals that they are not ready then the coordinator should abort the operation.

During phase 2 the coordinator tells the rest of the node to either commit or abort.  Assuming all the nodes responded that they were ready during phase 1, the coordinator signals that the nodes should commit.

As a concrete example, suppose an admin wants to add a new user to the system.  The node that the admin contacts acts as the coordinator.  The admin supplies the required information and the system announces it's intention to add the user to the rest of the nodes.  In this case, the other nodes check to see if they already have a user with the same name. Assuming they don't they signal that they are ready to add the user.  The coordinator issues a commit and the new user is added to the system.

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